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#Stand2Protect Challenge

Trust 2 Protect Call 2 Action: National Police Protocol
  1. We will advocate the federal government to consider all crimes committed by officers AND crimes against officers as "Federal Offenses" in order to eliminate the perception and reality of bias.
  2. We will advocate for Capitol Hill to modernize federal excessive force laws - encouraging the utilization of Tasers over the use of deadly force.
  3. We will gather resources and partner with organizations to equip law enforcement officers with affordable 21st century information sharing technologies versus an increase in weapons.

The Trust 2 Protect (T2P) campaign, founded and spearheaded by United Nations Ambassador for Peace & Sport and former National Football League (NFL) player, Jack Brewer, alongside supporting partners and athlete ambassadors, ​​unites influencers to help bridge the trust gap and growing divide between law enforcement and the community.

We need T2P’s immediate solutions to resolve the current crisis and bring LOVE back to our communities. Please join and support us by signing our petition for a Call 2 Action and take the #Stand2Protect Challenge 2Day!

Trust 2 Protect Founder Jack Brewer Discusses the Vision Behind the #Stand2Protect Movement - Listen to the interview here

Click below to listen to to the recording of the #Stand2Protect National Conference Call which took place on July 26, 2016

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